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Weekly Mindfulness Exercise
This week we invite you to practice labeling worry.* In this exercise when you notice yourself worrying, note it with the label, “worrying” and let it go. Once you label it, try to bring your awareness to your breath for a moment or two and then bring your attention to other thoughts. If you catch yourself worrying again, simply label it again and let go. It does not matter if you do this again and again. This is a very productive practice and one that over time, allows you to let go of needless worry. In this practice, we don’t use the phrase “stop worrying” or try to fight it. We just notice worry, label it “worrying” and let go if possible.
*Remember there is a difference between worrying and constructive problem-solving. Worrying involves repetitive thoughts that can cause anxiety with no tangible impact on the outcome of the object one is worrying about.

We are grateful to the Mindful Life Community for allowing us to share this mindfulness exercise with you

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